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Expert Intuition Teacher Kim Chestney

Hi, I'm Kim.  

And I am here to show you my proven techniques to ignite your Intuition for 24/7 inner guidance! 

I have helped over 25,000 around the world to change their life with power of their inner wisdom. I am so excited to share this new approach to Intuition with you!

  • Are you aware that everyone has Intuition ~ and that there are simple techniques to ignite it?
  • Do you know that there are 4 types of Intuition + that you have your own type of unique superpower?
  • Can you imagine stepping into your power with the confidence of your inner guidance behind you at all times?
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Intuition Development School


Ignite the power of your inner guidance in 3 easy steps! Our Intuition Starter Kit takes you step-by-step through the basics of Intuition, what it really is and how it can empower your life!

HERE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS YOU WILL LEARN: ✔ What Intuition is (and is not) ✔ The 4 Types of Intuition: What is your superpower? ✔ My "lightening" method on-the-spot guidance ✔ How to use Wisdom Cards to support your journey

Your Intuition Toolkit


As part of this, you get the full suite of IntuitionLab guides to support your intuitive growth and give you everything you need to level up to higher awareness.

THESE EXTRAORDINARY GUIDES INCLUDE: ✔ 12-Page Intuition Awakening Guide ✔ The Intuition Toolkit Builder ✔ How to Create the Ultimate Intuitive Vision Board ✔ A Monthly Intuition Tracker Journal 

THE INTUITION STARTER KIT All the Essentials to Jump Start You Inner Guidance System

This micro-course is my gift to you. Because Intuition should be accessable to everyone. 


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  •  This self-study program is available to you learn at your own pace, online at any time of day! Purchase of your kit gets you life-time access to your own, personal IntuitionLab classroom You also get lifetime membership to our private IntuitionLab Facebook group where you can ask questions and learn from a group of kindred spirits and seekers just like you! You will receive your access link immediately upon registration. Let's get started now!

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