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The Intuition Alliance supports the exploration of human intuition as the innate cognitive function that elevates and unites all living beings.

Global Intuition Certification

The highest standard of intuition training and certification for all people.


Online intuition classes, workshops and coaching for all levels of Intuitive development

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Full and partial tuition waivers to make intuition training available to everyone


together we can change the world. 

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A Message from Intuition Alliance Chair & IntuitionLab Founder, Kim Chestney

Goodbye, Information Age...Hello, Intuition Age!

Dear Friends, 

We are all on the precipice of a great shift. The exponential growth of technology and knowledge systems have taken us to the final horizon of the Information Age. What is beyond that? 

What is beyond the limitations of our mind, linear thinking and deductive reason? What is the next step in our advancement as human beings ~ and as a global culture? What is the driving force of genius, behind all innovation, inspiration and creative problem-solving in the world? Intuition. 

In the past, only great masters were thought to possess Intuition, historic titans like Einstein or Steve Jobs or the great gurus and saints of history. But the truth is that we ALL have access to an innate system of inner guidance and revelation. 

YOU have access, at every moment, to an inner genius that guides your decisions, inspires your heart, leads you to Truth and connects with all people. And it is easier to know than you think!

I founded IntuitionLab to be sure that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE in the world has access to this vital, life-empowering, world-changing wisdom. It's classes and workshops are designed specifically to help you step into your power and claim the wisdom you were born with.

To Your Own Higher Self Be True,

IntuitionLab Faculty & Advisory Team

Learn from Kim Chestney and an esteemed group of certified intuition practitioners  

Angela Sipe
Founder, 81st & James
Faculty, CIMP

Angela is the Founder of 81st and James. With a BA in Sociology, she is a Certified Master Intuition Practitioner, a certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Practitioner, and has studied Foundations in Homeopathy from the Center for Homeopathy Education in London, England.

Meagan Grant
Technology Professional
Senior Faculty, CIMP

Meagan is a technology and leadership professional specializing in coaching and mentorship. She has been working in leadership for more than 12 years and has been a yoga instructor since 2016. She uses her intuition to guide her clients through challenging life experiences and help them acknowledge their own intuitive guidance.

Sara Kostelnik
Founder, Jade Scott Design
Faculty, CIMP

Sara is the owner and principal designer for Jade Scott Design, a residential interior design studio based in Pittsburgh, PA. By applying the principles of Feng Shui, intuition, and elemental design, Sara empowers her clients to make bold, intentional design choices that support and nurture the home, mind, body & spirit.

Praveen Ghumnar
Reiki Healer & Intuition Coach
Senior Mentor, CIMP

Based in Mumbai, India, Praveen is a Certified Intuition Master Practioner, Reiki Healer, and spiritual seeker. His areas of expertise include the chakras, conscious living, mindfulness, and mindful eating. He is an IntuitionLab founding coach and mentor.

Rita Lampe
Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner
Faculty, CIMP

Rita is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner with an active psychotherapy and Energy Medicine practice. Here, she incorporates all the intuitive training and gifts she has received from Intuition Lab and Spiritual Empowerment Hypnosis training. She has evolved from working as a "traditional talk therapist" (LCSW) to a body-centered and intuitive healer.


Founded in 2017, IntuitionLab offers an array of online classes, workshops, coaching, and retreats to help you learn to awaken and live by your inner power.

Founded by the international best-selling author of Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power, Kim Chestney, IntuitionLab provides programs for individuals at all levels of intuitive ability.

With an international student body, IntuitionLab is one of the most immersive intuition development resources in the world.

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“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~Steve Jobs


The Intuition Alliance offers tuition assistance for the Level 1 IntuitionLab Masterclass for individuals in need of support.

These are not merit-based tuition credits and are awarded for those not in a place of prosperity. Please only apply for support you truly need, as payment for the classes is what makes this work continue to be possible. 

Note: This is a tuition credit program with no cash exchange.

Click here to apply for an Intuition Masterclass Tuition Waiver.

"All great [humans] are gifted with intuition.
They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know."
~ Alexis Carrel


At the Intuition Alliance, we take Intuition seriously. We understand that, like any power, it is one that has to be used wisely, and responsibly. We only certify practitioners and teachers who have demonstrated high levels of commitment, integrity, and mastery of Intuition in their own lives.

Why get certified? An Intuition Alliance certification gives you the foundation and accreditation to confidently use your Intuition skills to help yourself and others. Each level of certification demonstrates a deeper level of commitment and a deeper understanding of the high-level principles that govern our inner wisdom.

YEAR 1: Certified Intuition Practitioner (CIP)
The Sacred Guide Intuition Mastery Program (1 Year)
Provides an in-depth understanding of intuition and how to use it in daily life, as well as professional practices.

YEAR 2: Certified Intuition Master Practitioner (CIMP)
Light Leader Post-Graduate Program (9-Months)
Invitation-only work-study advanced intuition program for CIP intuitionists who have been practicing intuition for a minimum of 1 year.

With an Intuition Alliance certification, you can be confident that you have all the skills you need to accurately, ethically, and professionally practice your Intuition in your own life, and as you serve others. 

"It is not intellect, but intuition which advances humanity. Intuition tells man his purpose in this life." ~Albert Einstein